Wyatt & Jack make fantastic unisex bags from beloved seaside items including broken bouncy castles and deck chairs.  From London parks to the sandy Isle of White beaches their fabrics are upcycled from various sources, each one telling the story of it's previous life.  Each bag is handcrafted and every bit of material is different so your bag will be unique to you.  Everything is made in Wyatt & Jack's Bembridge workshop by the sea which is only a few miles from where most of the materials are sourced. 


"What's not to love about carrying a bit of bouncy castle or deckchair around with you.  Stylish, sustainable and sunny as heck these bags will make you smile.  They're also really practical and can be wiped clean so great for those with babies, dogs or after a few glasses of wine.   Add a bit of seaside charm to your day to day"