WORON is a sustainable lingerie brand based in Copenhagen and founded by sisters Arina and Anya Woron.

The collections are all about perfectly fitted, feminine and clean essentials.  The company aim is to create lingerie that will be the first thing you want to put on and the last thing you take off!  It is comfort without sacrificing feminine shaping, fashion & style - and style without sacrificing sustainability.  

Woron are passionate about their work and are sustainably conscious from the crafting, to the handling of each product and finally to the timeless design that can stay in your wardrobe season after season - year after year. They were awarded the Best Cruelty-Free Underwear & Swimwear Fashion Brand in the Lux Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2018 Lux. They have always been passionately vegan and recently gained Peta certifiction.

The collections are made from modal which is a beechwood pulp fibre or organic cotton. These natural fabrics are smooth, soft and breathable- your skin will love it! The dying of all material is without toxic components and is Ökotex certified according to EU legislation.

We say - "These are so pretty and so comfortable.  After years of wearing underwired bras, these are a bloody joy to wear"