Stripped Skincare started from a personal search for natural products that could help with adult acne.

The founder, who suffered from severe adult acne for many years, wanted to create a skincare range that would nourish, balance and heal blemished skin without having to use powerful synthetics and potentially damaging chemicals.

After struggling to find natural solutions that were actually honest about what went into their products...Stripped was born.

The name tells you what you need to know - they are dedicated to 100% natural.

They will never use chemicals, preservatives or synthetic ingredients in their products where they are not absolutely needed, and if they do have to use something other than the usual carrier or essential oils, they will clearly and honestly tell you what they are and why they are there. 

We say - "If you don't have the time or energy for a face treatment try the Mandarin Hot cloth cleanser for a couple of minutes in the shower.  It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling really fresh and nourished."