Recycling Schemes

A real passion of the shop is sourcing items that are made from reclaimed or recycled materials. The rCup reusable cup is made from single use coffee cups, Reclaim Bags are made from inner tubes, Elvis & Kresse make everything from salvaged firehoses and Wax & Wick put their candles in repurposed wine bottles which they source from local pubs.

If you love the idea of this you can get involved with Swedish Stockings and Wyatt & Jack.

Wyatt & Jack Inflatables Amnesty

Wyatt & Jack are tackling waste in a really cool way. They make brilliantly colourful bags and accessories from broken bouncy castles and deckchairs (did you know each beach in the UK has it’s own deckchair stripe??).

Last year they launched a country wide Inflatables Amnesty where you can send in your leaking lilo, burst bouncy ball or injured inflatable and they will make something wonderful from it. It’s a complete circular economy as they will send everything they make back to the supplier who sent it in so if you want it you can get first dibs.

If you have a broken inflatable, don’t throw it in the bin, send me a message and we can arrange a drop off before I send it back to their Isle of Wight Studio.

Fantastically sustainable and every single one is unique

Swedish Stockings Hosiery Recycling

Swedish Stockings are the first sustainable hosiery company making gorgeous tights and socks out of recycled materials.

Each year two billion pairs of tights are produced, worn a few times then discarded into landfills.  This helps make the textile industry one of the most polluting in the world.

Swedish Stockings’ aim is to close the loop and fully recycle old hosiery into new.  They are working on the science but in the meantime they grind old tights down to be used as filler material in fibre glass tanks. Not very glamorous but a great, long lasting use for waste materials.

So if you have laddered tights, any brand, send me a message or bring them along to any of our pop ups.

You’ll get 10% off your next purchase too.