Pure & Dimple is a luxury range of sustainably made, organic cotton basics for babies and toddlers. 

The company was founded by Helen with the aim of creating accessible and long-lasting, multi-use pieces.  After over a decade working in British luxury and high street fashion she used her background to investigate over two dozen suppliers and fabrics until she found a small supplier in Northern China who aligned with their own values & ethics.

By using only super soft organic cotton they support sustainable and ethical farming practices. The absence of dyes and bleaches results in a beautifully natural off-white, hypoallergenic product that is low impact on our planet. The open-weave gauze material means they are antibacterial, breathable and highly absorbent. 

Pure & Dimple are mindful of every part of the product, from raw material to processing to transport methods which are all specifically selected to be low impact. 

The full range is made from100% GOT's certified organic cotton and has Oeko-Tex and ISO certification.

We say "This range is so gorgeous.  Gentle enough for newborns, flexible enough to work for toddlers and high quality so it can be passed down to siblings or friends."