NINI Organics was founded by brother and sister dream team, Alex & Nicole.  They had one aim - to create the ultimate superfood for your skin, made with 100% Natural and Organic ingredients.

Our bodies’ largest organ is the skin, meaning anything it comes into contact with is absorbed. Too many harmful preservatives are used in numerous conventional products and with excess pollutants in our environment it is more important than ever to keep our skin strong and healthy.

As a teenager, Alex had suffered from severe acne and conventional skin products only made it worse. It wasn’t until he was prescribed Roaccutane that his acne finally cleared up. However, it came at a cost and he was left with dry, scarred and extremely sensitive skin. It was at this point he knew he had to heal his skin naturally and gently. This started his research into holistic & organic skincare using natural plant-based ingredients and after many years trialling different formulas, he finally perfected a skincare line that has cleared and strengthened his skin. Since then he has also helped many others with special treatments suited to their needs. With the help of organic beauty lover, Nicole, who had previously launched the UK’s first raw, organic sandwich company – Raw Imagination, they set out to create the perfect food for your face.

We say "I met Nini when I traded next to them at a market.  After a 4am start my skin was far from peachy.  Alex gave me a few dabs of Glow and I instantly felt and looked a million times better.  All the products feel like such a treat.  Instantly nourishing and pure happiness in a bottle." 

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