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Sundays 1st September / 6th October / 24 November

Sundays 1st September / 6th October / 24 November

Sunday September 29 -    Big Green Fair, Sustainability on Sea    - 11am-4pm The Stade Hall, Hastings

Sunday September 29 - Big Green Fair, Sustainability on Sea - 11am-4pm
The Stade Hall, Hastings


A sad farewell and a huge thank you to Hackney Downs Vegan Market

December saw the last ever Hackney Downs Vegan Market and we went out with a bang. So many people came down and it was a very festive send off 🎄 It was the first and best vegan market in London and it was a privilege to be a part of it. I ate and drank like a vegan queen all thanks to the amazing traders I met. Huge thanks to all the customers who came down come rain or shine - you made it so much fun. Massive, massive thank you to @fatgayvegan and @joshleuner who worked so hard to run it and make it the special place it is. I will miss it

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Kyra Hanson is a brilliant journalist who writes a lot about sustainability and living plastic free. We met at a market and I was so pleased to be included in two of her articles for The Londonist and Time Out. Click on the images to read the articles in full. There are some great tips.


We did a pop up at Bare Fashion - London’s first ever Vegan fashion show and it was brilliant. As soon as the doors opened it was rammed! So great to meet so many people who had travelled from all over the Country. There were some brilliant pop ups and the catwalk was amazing. There was even a vegan bar from The Spread Eagle. We had a chat with the lovely Charlotte Willis from Veganuary and you can read her write up here. So excited to be back there this year on Saturday 10th August when it’s looking bigger and even better. You can see more and get your tickets here

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The best bit about any market is always the people - the customers and the other traders. Stoke Newington Vegan Market was organised by the brilliant team behind Cafe So Vegan. So we definitely knew the food was going to be good!

It was THE hottest day of the year - absolutely boiling but we had air conditioning and cake so we were all happy.

I had a chat with the lovely Sophia and her family and she did this great write up of the day. Click on the image to read the full article.



Made in Hackney are an amazing charity who make healthy, plant-based food accessible to all.  They have helped 6,000 Londoners so far and have a crowdfunder campaign to enable them to help 10,000 more.  From now until 26th November 10% of all sales will be donated to them.  You can learn more about the brilliant work Made In Hackney do here -


My first blog post is for the wonderful Vevolution, a vegan and conscious living events and media start-up.  They asked me why I started up One Small Shop and here it is..

Ethical Fashion Is The New Black

Katie Dent 

 September 13, 2017

At Vevolution we are all about supporting new startups and giving them the platform they deserve to talk about the incredible things they are creating. With this blog we have invited the amazing Katie Dent who has created One Small Shop an ethical, vegan and cruelty-free online shop stocking the very best in fashion, homeware and lifestyle.

I have always loved new bags and beauty products. But when I started to think about how bags and beauty products are made my opinion quickly changed on buying new stuff.


That’s how the idea for One Small Shop came about - I wanted to fall back in love with shopping. I wanted to have a shop where people didn’t have to check every label. I know how excited I am when I go into a vegan café and can have anything on the menu; I wanted to open a retail version of that. 

I got sick of checking every label, sick of frumpy brands and sick of shopping being a guilt trip. So I started searching for alternatives, and this took months, but I found some really amazing brands. People doing great things, who don’t exploit people or animals to make a profit. Companies who put their principles first, but who also make really cool, beautiful products.

But it went further than that; I didn’t just want to do a vegan shop for vegans. Pretty much everyone, no matter what they eat, would always take the cruelty free option if it was offered to them. So I wanted to make it easier. Someone recently bought a Wilby cork bag from One Small Shop instead of a leather one she’d been looking at and that made my day.

Vegan fashion tends to be pretty pioneering. Fake leather used to be made from environmentally damaging materials but is now being replaced by fabrics such as Piñatex which is made from pineapple leaves and also used in the new range of Votch watch straps.

I also wanted to work with brands that care about people too. I’m really excited to soon be stocking two amazing social enterprises who put this at their very core. Mini Stitches create gorgeous kids clothing and the entire collection is made by local women who are involved in their charity. Their free training programme aims to empower women facing multiple disadvantages. The only thing I don’t like about this company is that I can’t fit in their clothes.

The Soap Co. create luxury soap products and 80% of their workforce are visually impaired or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged. Their parent company is CLARITY which is a registered charity and the UK’s oldest surviving social enterprise. They are also just really cool looking and natural products. Both Mini Stitches and The Soap Co. aren’t just feel good marketing exercises, they mean proper training and proper jobs and absolutely no sacrificing the quality of the products.

Finally, if you care about animals and people then you probably care about the planet. One part that really excited me was finding brands that make really cool products, literally out of waste. Reclaim Bags are made from the inner tubes of lorries and tractors, all sourced from a mechanic’s yard and handmade in Bristol. Wax and Wick Workshop use repurposed wine bottles for their soy candles.

Swedish Stockings make tights and socks out of recycled yarn. This doesn’t sound all that ground breaking until you realise each year over 2 billion pairs of tights are worn a couple of times then thrown away. It’s pretty easy to see why the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world. Their factories are also pretty much all solar powered and zero waste. 

The skin care brands were all founded by people on personal missions; to find the best lip balm, cure adult acne or use the most natural ingredients. The grooming products for dogs have just as high standards as the ones for people.  As it should be!

I’ve now got nearly 20 brands that I’m really excited to be working with. I started off feeling really happy to be vegan but always kind of putting down the fact that I was starting a vegan business - “it’s vegan but it’s really good honest’. Since starting the shop, I’m really proud to own a vegan business. It completely rocks. I thought I would never stock hemp or slogan vegan tees but I’ve just ordered in both!

I love Fashion Revolution’s Who Made My Clothes campaign and I can proudly say that we know who made all our stuff and that all our stuff was made in a loving and compassionate way. 

We can all make a difference in our every day and it’s a really easy win – one small shop at a time!