Little Green Radicals is clothing for free range kids!  The range is 100% organic and always fair trade.

The cotton farmers, based in India, get a guaranteed price for their cotton, and they don’t use nasty pesticides. The factories look after their employees, who get fair wages, maternity leave and many of the other benefits you would expect from ethical factories. 

When you buy a Little Green Radicals piece you will always be buying an organic product where no harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, formaldehyde or dangerous dyes are used. This means clothes are softer and better for babies and kids, particularly those with allergies or eczema. Finally because the cotton has not been broken down with chemicals, clothing will last much longer and always wash incredibly well.

We say - "The winter range is so soft and cosy.  Every time I order from them I wish I could get them in my size.  The phoenix sweaters and joggers are completely gorgeous"