Ahyoka Citrus All Purpose Cleaner

Ahyoka Citrus All Purpose Cleaner


Natural, biodegradable, non toxic, all purpose cleaner made using fresh organic citrus fruit. This eco friendly cleaner is made from 100% edible ingredients, so is safe to use on all food preparation surfaces, and also surfaces that babies and children will touch such as high chair trays. Comes in a reusable spray bottle and can be used with our refill service - please email us for details.

Please note that this cleaner is not suitable for natural granite or marble worktops. For these types of worktops please order the Bathroom spray.

**Citrus Allergy***

This product contains real citrus fruit (orange, lemon, lime) and is therefore not suitable for anyone with a citrus allergy. Please try the Bathroom cleaner in this case, which can also be used in the kitchen. 

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