Fysha was born from the union of two words; the ‘FYS’ from the Greek word ‘FYSIS,’ meaning nature and the ‘HA’ from handmade. These two principles work in harmony to create luxurious, nourishing soaps that respect the synergy between ourselves and nature.

Fysha believe nature offers everything we need for healthy, beautiful skin and are proud to honour the integrity of handmade production methods that enable them to create vegan soaps of uncompromising quality.

Fysha seeks to nurture balance and harmony between your mind, body and soul. Our philosophy transcends the realm of skincare to offer a respectful lifestyle in tune with the values of balance, simplicity and minimalism.
We invite you to embrace purity, simplicity and luxury with chemical-free beauty that cares.

From purifying and clarifying blocked pores to rebalancing and smoothing uneven skin texture, our gentle handmade formulas offer visible results for skin that’s radiant, healthy and supported.

There are no more than eight ingredients in any of the soaps. Every one of them has been chosen to deliver high performance results for your skin.  The vegan formulas blend the finest quality natural ingredients from food-grade, cold-pressed plant oils, clays and butters to our premium extra virgin olive oil from Greece. 

Each soap is ultra gentle and free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, harmful chemicals, colouring agents and palm oil. 

Each bar is unique in shape and colour and we celebrate these differences; they are the by-product of an artisanal production process founded in integrity, passion and respect.

The iconic cubic form of our soaps is more than an aesthetically pleasing design to prettify your bathroom (although it does that job very well!) - in fact the sophisticated form of our solid soaps has been carefully designed to ensure their structural longevity.

Over time, the edges of the cube will curve so that it feels as natural as a pebble smoothed against your skin.

We say '“I’m a sucker for pretty things in my bathroom but these pretty little soaps pack a serious punch with amazing ingredients - all tailored to specific skin types. They make lovely gifts too”