Earth Conscious was founded by Angela in 2014 out of a desire to create a natural deodorant that actually worked effectively. 

Natural Deodorant became a natural fit for the Earth Conscious Brand. They realised that the well-being of our planet is indeed connected to the well-being of our bodies and we need to look after both.   Their Natural Deodorant is not just another product jumping on the green and clean bandwagon it is about functionality and affordability too.

In 2017 they introduced a Natural Baby Balm.

Again, an affordable product that only uses natural ingredients which are transparent and easily understood on our labels!

They manufacture in the UK, using eco-friendly packaging and  top quality certified organic ingredients that cause no harm. Keeping the price low was really important to them as they believe natural healthier choices should be accessible to everyone.

Their products make as minimal impact on the earth as possible. The ingredients used are of course completely natural (no lab made ingredients posing as “natural”!), certified organic where sourceable to ensure that once they are washed off the skin they will provide no threat to wildlife, marine life or plants.

We say "We found Earth Conscious when we were looking for plastic free option for the shop.  The stick deodorant was tested in a rare UK heatwave and it works brilliantly. We've had rave reviews about these products"