Wyatt & Jack's Bouncy Castle Rainbow Weekender

Wyatt & Jack's Bouncy Castle Rainbow Weekender


Wyatt & Jack's Bouncy Castle Weekender now comes in a limited edition, rainbow style which uses up the smallest bits of fabric to reduce waste even more.  

Made from broken bouncy castles from around the South Coast it’s perfect for a weekend away. Made with a flat, free standing repurposed bouncy castle PVC base with a contrasting colour way and bright rainbow design.


Colours - dark blue base, light blue outer with orange, yellow, green, blue and purple rainbow

Inner side pocket

Chunky full zip closure, we MEAN chunky, think boats... these are TOUGH

Sustainable, upcycled fabrics

Thick fabric straps

Cotton lined

Washable with a damp sponge- so IDEAL as a beach bag or for the gym.

All UK MADE on the IOW, right by the seaside and just up the road from where the majority of the fabrics are sourced... 


H: 63cm [top of shoulder strap to base]

W: 45cm

D: 11cm

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