Wyatt & Jack 2 Tone Tote Bag

Wyatt & Jack 2 Tone Tote Bag


Wyatt & Jack’s 2 Tone Totes are the same recycled bouncy castle concept with a contrasting colour stripe at the top of each bag.

When the bags are cut there is often a long strip left along the bottom of the fabric. In Wyatt & Jack’s ongoing quest to become as minimal waste as possible, they wanted to find a use for these strips and the 2 tone tote was born!

Made from bouncy castle vinyls, these are wipe clean, reusable and waterproof. They have super hard wearing black webbing shoulder straps, which can be worn rucksack- style if you fancy...

d i m e n s i o n s:

W: 31cm H: 33cm 

[size and colour may vary slightly, due to the recycled nature of the fabric]

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