Ahyoka Cleaning products are handmade in Essex using all natural, non-toxic and vegan ingredients. 

When her son was born with allergies Cary-anne switched to eco friendly cleaning products, however, she was disappointed that there were still a lot of ingredients that she didn't think should be there.  So she started to experiment with making her own in her kitchen using her knowledge of homeopathy, herbalism and aromatherapy

As Cary-anne says "We have to remember the cycles we live in. All the chemicals that go into the water from cleaning products, comes back to us in the water we drink and bathe in, the food that we eat, the sea, the rivers, everything is connected to each other and to us!"

All Ahyoka products are included in our refill service so if you return your bottle you will get a discount on your next purchase.  Please email us for more information,

We say "I like to use really natural products but with two dogs they also have to be effective.  These smell great and I can relax knowing that even if the dogs start licking the floor (which they do!) then there is nothing harmful in any of them"